Design and development of a new cell penetration enhancer for liposomes decoration

Venerdì 12 maggio, ore 9.30-10 | Sala Convegni, Cassa di Risparmio del Veneto

Seminario specialistico con Anna Balasso, Dipartimento di Scienze del Farmaco, Università di Padova, e Cristian Cavedon, Dipartimento di Scienze chimiche, Università di Padova

We propose a novel liposomal platform for drug delivery that relies on surface decoration with a synthetic oligo-arginyl based cell penetration enhancer (CPE). This was synthesized by conjugating 4 arginines to a second generation polyester dendron based on 2,2-bis(methylol)propionic acid (bis-MPA).

CPE-decorated liposomes were formulated, characterized and in vitro tested for cell toxicity and uptake showing promising results.